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Thai massage for 60min
Hydration treatment from NOON 60 min
The art of traditional Thai massage is formed under the influence of ancient cultures of China and India, where it
was always used in therapeutic purposes together with traditional Thai medicine.

During the massage thumbs, palm surfaces and their base, outer wrist, elbows, forearms, knees and feet are used.
This therapy is made on the special mats as you can see in all Kamalaya SPAs.

Movements and pressures are very delicate, that is why Thai massage is recommended even for people who are
recovering after serious diseased and hypersensitive clients. It is also necessary for those who have
sedentary work, who suffer from insomnia or bad mood.

What is Thai massage?

"Brilliant experience, just as i had in Thailand. Very good massage, very friendly and helpful staff. Highly redommended"
Cristian Logofatu
Why you should book traditional Thai massage
Prices in Kamalaya SPA
Anti-stress massage (40 minutes)
Traditional thai massage for back and shoulders with usage of thai balm. The muscles of back, neck and shoulders are the most spasmed. This massage could unblock tensions and pains, relief stress and depression, increase productivity, improve blood circulation and condition of skin. You will become more confident. Even one treatment will be very helpful, to say nothing about the therapeutic effect from the whole course
Head and face massage (40 minutes)
The treatment has double effect – it improves well-being and revitalizes the skin, smoothing fine wrinkles, tightens eyelids, chin and cheeks.
During the massage therapist works out with smooth and deep movements the most stressed zones – back of head, parietal and frontal zone, chin, cheekbones
Thai foot massage (40 minutes)
During the massage acupressure points of feet are being stimulated. With special stick and balm therapist gently and effectively maintain functioning of the whole body, corrects work of inner organs and balance of energies

Anticellulite massage (60 minutes)
Deep lymphatic drainage of the problem zones (hips, stomach, buttocks). Special massage oil, anti-cellulite gel and massage technic provide maximal effect. This technique is the most effective method to make of cellulite, as it accelerates the circulation of lymph and helps to get rid of excess of fluid
Traditional Thai massage (60 minutes)
Whole body massage during which therapist uses thumbs, palm surfaces and their base, outer wrist, elbows, forearms, knees and feet as well as bamboo sticks. Thai massage tones up muscles, stimulates the blood circulation, increases the elasticity of ligaments and joints, restores mechanisms of self-regulation of the body. Main indication for Thai massage is stress

Thai massage for two (60 minutes)
Traditional Thai or Thai oil massage for the couple, lasting one hour. It will be for both of you a pleasant pause to keep intimacy with your beloved one or to spend a time with pleasure and benefit with your friend or relatives

Herbal ball massage (60 minutes)
Herbal balls massage is being made together with oil massage. Before the massage herbal balls are being steamed about 20-30 minutes. Herbal balls acts softly and carefully but at the same time very effectively, deeply warming and relaxing all muscle tension
Thai oil massage (60 minutes)
Thai oil massage slows down and adjusts aging process, increases lifetime, normalizes sleep, metabolism in the skin and functioning of all inner organs, eliminates all congestions in the body and even sharpens eyesight
Who often can one goes for a massage?
It is very individual, but based on the opinion of our experienced therapists and recurrent customers there are 2 best variants:
  • You could take a massage course from 5-20 treatments (individually chosen) with 2-3 days break between once in half a year
  • You could come regularly during the year with comfort periodicity – about once a week
In both cases good health and wellbeing is garanted for the whole year! Every treatment is 1, one and a half, 2 hours and longer. The longer the more carefully your problem areas are being worked out. But less than and hour we could not do for you – it will be not a thai massage! The thai massage is a definite cycle from which nothing could not be thrown out, no one energy line or part of the body. And to make the whole cycle minimum one hour needed.
KAMALAYA Thai Massage Chain
The first and the only one in Montenegro chain of Thai Spas. We work since 2016. All our therapists are from Thailand, where they have studied and got certificates in the best schools of Thai massage. All of our therapists have experience in the world SPAs at least 7 years.
Отличное место, рекомендую! Приятная атмосфера, профессиональный массаж.От маникюра, педикюра в полном восторге!
I highly recommend on Niki wonderful oil massage. The place is in Tq plaza very convenient and relaxed place and treatment.
The best place in Budva, for a massage. The staff is excellent, much better than Thailand, the price is excellent, there are stories about people who came especially to the city, to experience the massage. And the best thing is that you can get there spontaneously.
Great place, lovely staff. I've been coming here for a few months now and I can no longer live without their massages. Amazing!
Excellent thai message! my finance and I got one this morning and the ladies were fantastic and we left feeling freshed. I also got a gel manicure which was good for 25 altho this price was not advertised.
Brilliant experience, just as i had in Thailand. Very good massage, very friendly and helpful staff. Highly redommended.
When i was there, there were 2 highly professional thai masseuse. Its evenhard to find a massage like this good in thailand. highly recommanded. 35e/h is very good value/price.
The best stong massage for athletes while traveling! Thank you Poi
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We work seven days a week
From 12 p.m till 9 p.m
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